Pot Cargo is an online distributor of cannabis products. Our company prides itself on its large selection of products, its knowledgable staff, and its fast and reliable shipping practices.
We are a company of people dedicated to making your experience an enjoyable one. We are committed to delivering a safe product at an affordable price every day.
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Experience Quality

Over the last few months, our team has been working behind the scenes on a cutting-edge curation process. As a result, we can guarantee that you will get a consistent quality flower every time you order.

These new guidelines ensure our growers focus on perfecting their growing methods and techniques. Our growers strive to provide high-quality cannabis without exceptions or short cuts.

Each batch is treated with care and mindfulness to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Transparency is our promise to you as customers as every part of the plant’s life cycle is important to the final product. We want to ensure that from Seed to Sale, each step is honest and genuine.

In our new screening procedures, each flower is inspected by a team of our quality control experts. This team uses our new curation system backed by our proprietary technology that focuses heavily on the consistency of the smoking experience.

Our consumers mean the world to us here at Pot Cargo that is why one of our goals is to bring in quality strains you want to see at prices that are fair and accurate.


Value Driven

Pot Cargo guarantees value with our new grading and curation system. We have decided to break away from traditional pricing structures and create our own.

Our customer-centric pricing focuses on value and quality. Now you can enjoy any AA, AAA or AAAA strains in a Taster (1g) format for one flat price. If you’re looking for a larger sample, try the Flight (3g).

At Pot Cargo, we aim to be your go-to for consistent value and quality cannabis products. With our competitive pricing and the industry’s best quality control, we are excited to grow our relationship with you as customers.